Fire in the Kitchen – creator of the finest specialty seasonings and dry rub marinades, since 2009


Just to let you know we used your rib rub and yes our sauce too…….holy crap what tasty ribs!!!!  Kudos to your rubs!!! Looking forward to all the other ones.

— Sharlene Cohan – VP Backyard Superstar Inc.

Our family is totally ADDICTED to all of these amazing creations!

— Kate Boddington

LOVE THE FIRE IN THE KITCHEN SPICES!!!!!! If you haven’t tried them buy them, if you don’t have them get them!!! I don’t cook ANYTHING with out it!!!

— Michelle Pavao

Rib Rub – the best spice for ribs I have ever had – usually make ribs once per year – have made them 5 times in last 2 mths.

— Random

My wife is a teacher, the original 6-pack seasoning gift set had to be one of the best gifts she has ever received from her students.  We have loved each of the rubs.  Keep up the great work!

— Mike Hanlon

My husband thinks he can work a BBQ but I’m happy to report my chicken and ribs beat his in a ‘cook-off’ at the cottage (thanks to your secret blends!). I LOVE your products.

— Carrie-Ann Nicholson

Here is my review of your One Rub… best I’ve ever had :) Quick and easy with fantastic flavour… my kind of cooking! I’m going to try it on my pork tenderloin… and that’s saying a lot since it’s the one thing I make that I can brag about!

— Heather Robertson

We had seven guests and used both your rub and teriyaki on cedar plank salmon done on the charcoal BBQ – you won hands down.

— Ewan Mason

Just used your Fire Rub on a nice big chunk of prime rib… Awesome!!!

— Lorne Babiuk

We’re loving the dry seasoning rub (One Rub). I put it on chicken breast and in my turkey burgers. What a splendid taste, not too hot but just enough kick!

— Laura Monaco

Tried the dry rubs on Steak, Chicken and Ribs… Man it just made the flavour of the meat even more mouth watering. It is now my staple spice for all cooking. Thanks Fire in the Kitchen.

— Tony R.

Dude, put your dry rub (One Rub) on chicken breast chunks and baked it in the oven. Unbelievably amazing! Succulent, spicy and savory. Gotta like it! Next I’m gonna try it on striploin!

— Ewan Mason