Fire in the Kitchen – creator of the finest specialty seasonings and dry rub marinades, since 2009


Versatile specialty seasonings and dry rub marinades created to take your home-cooked meals to the next level.

A flavour invasion that your friends and family will love.

No fillers or preservatives & made from the only the finest of hand picked ingredients.

Innovative, healthy & creative spice blends for any culinary journey.

No MSG, Gluten, Allergen and GMO Free...with half the sodium than the leading spice brands.

You're not really cooking unless there is Fire in the Kitchen.

Great tasting, healthy food doesn't get any easier than this.

Just Steak
From $9.99 - $21.99
Crazy K`s Rib Rub
From $9.99 - $21.99
T’Bone’s Smoke Eater
From $9.99 - $21.99
One Rub
From $9.99 - $21.99
JJ’s Veggie Blaze
From $9.99 - $21.99