About Us

You’re not really cooking unless there’s Fire in the Kitchen!

Christian Horner & Mark Venton - Fire in the Kitchen

Hello, my name is Christian Horner and I’ve developed some of the most outstanding specialty seasonings on the market today for you to try! I’m always creating and testing new spice blends for all your meat and vegetable dishes.

Specialty Seasonings

Each blend is my own recipe, offering you flavors you’ve never experienced before. You’ll be amazed at the versatility and taste. I buy the freshest spices regularly and in small enough quantities to guarantee my products are always as fresh as possible. All of my spice blends have been developed, tested, and perfected by me, MSG and gluten free. I do not use fillers or preservatives. Say goodbye to your salt and pepper and clear your spice cupboard making room for Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co.

My Special Spice Blends Are Not Just For Grilling!

Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. products are used for barbequing, smoking, oven roasting, broiling, stove top cooking, steaming, frying and slow cooking. The application is simple; shake desired seasoning over your food before cooking, press in with your hands or back of a spoon for better penetration covering entire surface. Allow seasoning to absorb into meat for as long as possible then cook. For extra sticking power and for your vegetable dishes use a light scattered coating of olive oil or vegetable oil, then spread seasoning all over. Use your hands or tongs to toss then cook. Use your favorite Fire in the Kitchen spice like salt and pepper after cooking for extra flavor, my rubs tend to be lower in sodium so you can be liberal.

Cooking With My Spice Blends

Cooking with my spice blends will help you gain confidence in the kitchen, enhance your cooking skills and develop the necessary tools to be a great cook. Be creative and think outside the box, there are no mistakes when experimenting with Fire in the Kitchen.


Christian Horner

Christian started Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. over six years ago. With a solid gourmet catering background, his passion for food led him to create some of the most unique and versatile spice blends on the market. It all started with one gourmet butcher and now you can find FITK products in over 1000 retailers across Canada, centrally focused in Ontario. Find a store near you!

Mark Venton

Mark joined Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. in 2013. His marketing skills and experience are second to none. Spending over 30 years with Proctor & Gamble as a marketing executive gives Mark the knowledge and background perfectly suited for success. Mark is a major “foodie” and the perfect addition to the FITK team!

E-mail me at Christian@fireinthekitchen.ca for any questions or concerns. Your feedback is important to us. I want to hear about your experiences using Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. products.

The world is ready for a new spice company and Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. is it!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Christian Horner